26: Revenge Fantasy (Violation & The Power)

TW: This episode discusses rape and sexual abuse in the context of this week’s movies.

This week we watched The Power (2021) and Violation (2020), two new movies directed by women. We also talk about anti affirmations, Michelle almost is convinced to go camping,

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25: Monsters! (Shin Godzilla & The Ritual)

This week we watched movies with monsters! The Ritual is one of Michelle’s top eight movies of the decade. This week we talk about Shin Godzilla (2016) and The Ritual (2017), Michelle’s karaoke partystarter, anime, Godzilla vs Kong, why being in the woods is terrifying, thoughts on the Hellraiser franchise,

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24: A Killer Mother’s Day (Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker/Night Warning & Prevenge)

This week in celebration(?) of Mother’s Day we watched Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981), which you’ll also find under the name of Night Warning (1983) and Prevenge (2016). In addition, we talk about forgetting the words to Rub A Dub Dub, show love for Susan Tyrrell,

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23: Puppets! (Possum & Magic)

Today’s show features a request from Blake Collier from Twitter! This week’s movies are Possum (2018) and Magic (1978). We also talk about Meg’s hair kryptonite, Scooter’s dental surgery, UK public information films, Michelle’s nicknames, the worst haircut a man can have, the Brothers Quay,

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22: Found Footage (The Last Broadcast & Rec)

This week we watched two found footage horror movies The Last Broadcast and Rec. We talked about how you’re not worth Bill Gates’ time, how the Big 3’s Ghost Ballers became Meg’s favorite sports team, the movie that broke Rob, the right way to watch Rec,

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20: Spring Break! (Nightmare Beach & Humanoids From The Deep)

This week we watched Nightmare Beach (1988) and Humanoids from the Deep (1980) and talk about Michelle’s stories from Spring Break/Bike Week in Daytona, Meg’s bummer Spring Break, a Zombeaver diversion, the Roger Corman rant, #ReleaseThePeetersCut, and more

Nightmare Beach in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: Hashtag Florida
Michelle: A bunch of electrocuted dummies

Humanoids from the Deep in Five words (or Less):
Meg: Rape and Puppets ‘R Us
Michelle: Fuck Corman,

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19: Easter/Zombie Special (Dawn of the Dead & Zombi 2)

An Easter special! This week we watch Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Zombie 2 (1979) and talk about the origin of zombie movies, the mall, do zombies exist in zombie movies, zombobabies, “would you rather” with zombie scenarios, and more

Dawn of the Dead in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: Running zombies for the win
Michelle: The one at the mall

Zombi 2 in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: White guy explains voodoo
Michelle: Glorious gory garbage

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18: Listener Suggestions! (Possessor & The Wolf of Snow Hollow)

This week we watched Possessor and The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a listener request from Greg Greene! In addition to this week’s movies we talk about Jose Delgado’s experiments, a weird dream of Meg’s, things white directors say, what to do if your genitals change,

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17: Bad Religion (The Cleansing Hour & The Sentinel)

This week we talk about The Cleansing Hour and The Sentinel along with a new name for a man bun, wearing light contacts with dark eyes, the weird similarities to Wonder Woman 1984 and Truth or Dare, a brief discussion of boolean operators,

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16: Penny Under Your Tongue (Leprechaun & Leprechaun 2)

It’s a special St. Patrick’s Day episode! Today we talked about Leprechaun and Leprechaun 2, how Meg can’t commit murder anymore, a history of the Leprechaun oeuvre, Finding Your Roots, Friends, eating coins (and pooping them out?), how to pretend you have a fever, diners on Long Island,

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