32: Robert Lawrence (Fear Street: 1994, Fear Street 1978, and Fear Street 1666)

This week we watched the Fear Street trilogy and talked about shrimp cocktail and wedding food, Colon and Color Guard, book stores in the mall, Maya Hawke, Eureka’s Castle, the series’ connection to Stranger Things, watching sex scenes with parents, the importance of blacklight in the 90s, AIM screen names, town “rivalries,” camp color war, and more.

Fear Street: 1994 in Five Words (or Less):
: NIN at the mall
Meg: New age Scream vibes

Fear Street: 1978 in Five Words (or Less):
: Never touch the pulsating blob
Meg: Angsty Friday 13th for teens

Fear Street: 1666 in Five Words (or Less):
: Books will save us vest
Meg: Two women persecuted over boner