42: The 2021 Haggy Awards

Welcome to the first annual Haggy Awards! In today’s show, we look back at the last year of movies we’ve watched for The Night Hags and we’ve got fifteen categories and a ton of positive female reinforcement! Who are the winners? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Best Beach Kill:
Zombie 2 – Shark and Zombie Fight
The Fog – Fisherman Kills

Stupidest Way to Die:
Nightmare Beach – Electrocuted Spring Breaker on a Motorcycle
Scare Me – Falling Down the Stairs and Getting Stabbed

Best Portal to Hell:
The Sentinel – An Attic Apartment in Brooklyn
The Beyond – Dry Crusty Dick Hell

Best Sequel/Reboot:
It: Chapter One
Fright Night

Most Brutal Kill Scene:
Evil Dead 2013 – The Bathroom Scene
Hereditary – Piano String Self Beheading
Terrified – The Bathtub Scene

Worst Boyfriend/Romantic Partner:
Gerald’s Game – Gerald (CATEGORY SWEEP!)

Coolest Monster:
Shin Godzilla by Takayuki Takeya and Mahiro Maeda
The Thing – Rob Bottin & Stan Winston’s The Kennel Crab Dog Alien

Best Transformation:
The Exorcist – Regan MacNeil
Malignant – Maddison Mitchell Into Gabriel

Best Space Kill:
Sputnik – Alien in the Throat Kill
Jason X – Frozen Head Smash Kill

Best Murderous Rednecks:
Misery – Annie Wilkes
Cabin in the Woods – Zombie Rednecks

Best Halloween 3 Tie-In:
Halloween Kills
My Bloody Valentine / My Bloody Valentine 3D – Thomas Berman and Tom Atkins

Best Gratuitous Boobs:
Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker – Aunt Cheryl
Slumber Party Massacre – Luscious Boobs Before the Title Credits are Over

Most Fucked Up Film:

The Worst of Year One:
2013 Malignant
Leprechaun 2

The Best of Year One:
The Thing

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