39: Celebrating Spooky Szn (Pumpkinhead and Trick or Treat)

This week on the double feature we watched Pumpkinhead (1988) and Trick or Treat (2007). We also talk about becoming health goths, making coffee, Mike the Night Hog aka Big Beans makes a cameo, the first trip to a Spirit Halloween of the season, finding a band on Craigslist, Dick Warlock, where Trick or Treat falls on Michelle’s Werewolf Scale (7 out of 10), haunted houses, the future of Trick or Treat sequels, and more.

Pumpkinhead in Five Words (or Less):
Haggis the Witch as goals
Meg: The O.G. Night Hag

Trick or Treat in Five Words (or Less):
Rhonda is me at parties
Meg: Cute murderous pumpkin face