20: Spring Break! (Nightmare Beach & Humanoids From The Deep)

This week we watched Nightmare Beach (1988) and Humanoids from the Deep (1980) and talk about Michelle’s stories from Spring Break/Bike Week in Daytona, Meg’s bummer Spring Break, a Zombeaver diversion, the Roger Corman rant, #ReleaseThePeetersCut, and more

Nightmare Beach in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: Hashtag Florida
Michelle: A bunch of electrocuted dummies

Humanoids from the Deep in Five words (or Less):
Meg: Rape and Puppets ‘R Us
Michelle: Fuck Corman,

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19: Easter/Zombie Special (Dawn of the Dead & Zombi 2)

An Easter special! This week we watch Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Zombie 2 (1979) and talk about the origin of zombie movies, the mall, do zombies exist in zombie movies, zombobabies, “would you rather” with zombie scenarios, and more

Dawn of the Dead in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: Running zombies for the win
Michelle: The one at the mall

Zombi 2 in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: White guy explains voodoo
Michelle: Glorious gory garbage

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18: Listener Suggestions! (Possessor & The Wolf of Snow Hollow)

This week we watched Possessor and The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a listener request from Greg Greene! In addition to this week’s movies we talk about Jose Delgado’s experiments, a weird dream of Meg’s, things white directors say, what to do if your genitals change,

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17: Bad Religion (The Cleansing Hour & The Sentinel)

This week we talk about The Cleansing Hour and The Sentinel along with a new name for a man bun, wearing light contacts with dark eyes, the weird similarities to Wonder Woman 1984 and Truth or Dare, a brief discussion of boolean operators,

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16: Penny Under Your Tongue (Leprechaun & Leprechaun 2)

It’s a special St. Patrick’s Day episode! Today we talked about Leprechaun and Leprechaun 2, how Meg can’t commit murder anymore, a history of the Leprechaun oeuvre, Finding Your Roots, Friends, eating coins (and pooping them out?), how to pretend you have a fever, diners on Long Island,

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15: A Rompin’ Good Time (The Fog and The Blob

This week we’re talking about “The” movies. Not every theme can be super clever! This week we watched The Blob (1988) and The Fog (1980) and talking about podcast voice, Michelle comes up with the worst podcast idea, tornadoes, fluffy hair, and more!

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13: Myths! (Candyman and Gretel & Hansel)

We’re talking about myths! This week’s movies are Candyman and Gretel & Hansel (a listener suggestion). In addition to this week’s movies, we discuss Childhood urban legends, how no one has privacy in NYC, Michelle very slowly comes to realize why the movie is named Candyman,

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12: Best of 2020 Part 2 (Anything for Jackson & Scare Me)

The second part of our Best of 2020 is a conversation about Anything For Jackson and Scare Me, a mini-review of A Quiet Place 2, attending the premiere, Playing chicken with Hallmark Christmas Movies, the Pony Sitters Club, opinions on camping vs vacations,

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11: Valen-DOOM’s Day (My Bloody Valentine & My Bloody Valentine 3D)

Meg and Michelle take a break from the best of 2020 to talk about My Bloody Valentine (1981) and My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009), but without actually having 3D glasses to watch the movie, Maris from Frasier, #MineLife, dirty water dogs, Halloween 3, 4D movies,

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