37: Two Malignants Walk Into a Bar – (Malignant 2021 and Malignant 2013)

This week we watched 2021’s Malignant and 2013’s Malignant. Michelle tested positive for Covid-19 after vaccination and explains what a breakthrough case feels like, the symptoms, discovering the diagnosis, what it’s like to live with a partner who didn’t test positive in a one-bedroom apartment, this episode has possibly the best movie we’ve seen this year and maybe the worst movie we’ve seen ever, our desire for a James Wan cinematic universe, and more.

Malignant 2021 in Five Words (or Less):
Michelle: A+ batshittery a la Argento
Meg: Best of 2021 nominee

Malignant 2013 in Five Words (of Less):
Michelle: A waste of Brad Dourif
Meg: Don’t waste your time