35: Stephen King B-Sides (Maximum Overdrive and Gerald’s Game)

Animal interruptions with spooky chats, Meg’s pink pink pink office, AC/DC’s lyrics, cocaine, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a bummer, changing swear words on cable TV, Does the Dog Die?, construction equipment/trucks, being a white dude in the 80s was dope, Dr. Sleep, a mid-show attack from Beans, where to see celebrities in NYC (or miss seeing celebrities), degloving, men’s misunderstanding of women’s trauma, “the dumpiest sex scenes I’ve ever seen,” and more.

Maximum Overdrive in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: AC/DC apocalypse cuffing season.
Michelle: Cocaine.

Gerald’s Game in Five Words (or Less):
Meg: Get past beginning for moonface
Michelle: Moonlight man is nightmare stuff